searching H2O MOJO Predictor (AnomalyDetection)


there are a lot of H2O MOJO Predictors for different categories, but not for Anomaly Detection. Where can I find this one?

I wrote an IsolationForest MOJO model to a file, but after reading: how can I use it?


There are example workflows on the Hub. Maybe they can help you.

Thank you, but I know them already.
They are using the prediction directly (that works), but not by using writing/saving and reading/using in a different workflow.

Ah OK I see your point. You might try the generic ZIP model writer that should work since some H2O models cannot be converted to MOJOs in KNIME as of now.

For the GLRM I have not yet seen a writer and I am not sure if I am missing something in the concept.

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It works with the generic model writer, thank you!


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