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I am new to knime and it looks really cool, but I am still searching a lot. Hope you can help me with finding a node.
I have a huge table with a lot of machine measurements. Now I want to do some calculations generating new columns. I found the Math formula, but this is one node per calculation.

Is there a node for several expressions in one node? like:
speed_A = length_A / duration
speed_B = length_B / duration
speed_diff = speed_A - speed_B
speed_rel = speed_A / speed_B

Otherwise this would already be four nodes just for some simple calculations. I have dozens…

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Hi @KevinT

Welcome to the KNIME community. A good fit in this case is the Java Snippet which uses about as the same as you already wrote it.

out_speed_A = c_length_A / c_duration;
out_speed_B = c_length_B / c_duration;
out_speed_diff = out_speed_A - out_speed_B;
out_speed_rel = out_speed_A / out_speed_B;

To use the columns as input, select them from the list on the left. The create an output columns, click on Add on the right hand side and use the append option. Make sure your data types are compatible.

Sample input:


Hope this helps!


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