Searching multiple words with spaces in string widget.

Can anyone please suggest a way to search multiple keywords on a string widget from MongoDB
(i.e if we have a keywords column in Mongo Db and it has values Airbus,A330 etc) and I want to search Airbus A330 together as a keyword search in string widget how to do it??


Hello @sathya_159
As you did not provide any mock data example reflecting your challenge, I’ve prepared a small workflow that could give you some insights for it.

A first workflow gives you the straight away REGEX filter in column searching “Airbus A330” exact match (without letter case sensitivity…)
20211005_keyword_search01.knwf (14.1 KB)

A second workflow works with multiple keywords, and it gives you 2 outputs:

  • the first one filtering the exact match of “Airbus A330” in the text column (as before)
  • a second output with a matrix of matches, returning the LOGICS on the different keywords

This multiple keywords processing could be very intensive in terms of processing resources, depending on the size of your data.
20211005_keyword_search02.knwf (58.8 KB)


@gonhaddock thanks,
perhaps great solution to search multiple keyword, I will be looking forward to try this on my workflow.


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