Secondary Axis

Hi everybody,

is there a way to have a secondary axis in the lineplot node? I want to graphically compare two sets of data but one of them has got value between -150 and + 150 and the other oscillate between 6 and 15 and, of course, it looks like a straight line in the graphic at the moment...

Waiting for some clever help! thaaaaaaanks!


What is it that you want to compare exactly? What do you expect to see? Is it an exploratory or an explanatory visualization?

Some possible general workarounds: rescale the two datasets using Normalizer (z-score). Is the x axis a time axis? If yes, you could transform each dataset into an index based 100 in the first year - you’ll be able to compare the evolution of each dataset with the first year and with each other given the common scale around 100. Finally, you could calculate a ratio or any other meaningful indicator which summarizes both datasets depending on what you’re looking for (e.g. linear correlation).