Seeing the structure of a REgression Tree

I would like to see the structure of the tree model produced by the Simple Regression Tree Learner node. The Decision Tree Learner Node has a view that displays the tree structure, but this is not available in the Regression Tree learner. Without the tree structure, I cannot discern the paths used to evaluate each row when I use the Simple Regression Tree Predictor.

Thanks in advance for any tips/help!

Hello abasu01,

unfortunately it is not possible to view the tree structure right now.
We are however working on a new view for the Simple Regression Tree Learner that will be similar to the view of the Decision Tree Learner.



Thanks, Nemad! It would be great to know when that is available.



That is great, was just looking for the identical functionality.  A related question:  In the meantime Is there a way I can extract the ruleset - akin to using the "Decision Tree to Ruleset" for the regular decision tree.?

Thank you, tom