Select a specific iteration from a loop (graphing purposes)

Hello all,

I am running a series of linear regressions using a group loop over my string variables. Following the learner-predictor motif, I am collecting the actual values and predicted values to display in a line graph - so I generate a line graph for each respective string.

My question: is there a way to specify an iteration that I would like to see (e.g., iteration 229 for string in the 229th loop position). Currently, I am using step execution which is agonizing to say the least. Any help will be appreciated!


Maybe the Flow Variable IF Switch (Flow Variable Value) from the Vernalis extension would be useful here? Basically, create a branch where if your iteration=229, save the generated graph to a file, or write coefficients to a table, or whatever. If not, continue with workflow as normal.


Hi @dg-clarkston,

maybe i do not understand your problem correctly.
You just want to stop the loop at a certain iteration? Or get the result from a certain loop point while still looping till the end?

Maybe the conditional loop end is what you are looking for?

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Thanks @AnotherFraudUser! I understand and like the logic of this as well.

Setting up specific conditions in this case may be kind of tough since I’m not looking for specific values for my graphical output; perhaps I could use this reasoning and specify a string in which I may be interested!

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Thanks @ScottF! I’ll download the extension and attempt your suggestion. From your brief description, it seems like I may even be able to specify other flow variables which would be extraordinarily helpful.


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