Select content of Summary to copy and paste not working

I am trying to select the content of Summary cell of a node’s table output, but I cannot copy all the content, also not able to select all content by pressing ctrl+a as that selects all nodes.

Also cannot look at multiple node’s table outputs at the same time. Also no way to get to the end of the string by pressing “End” key on keyboard, also cannot use Shift+ End key to select text to the end.

Use to copy and paste JSON into notepad++ to format and look at JSON content as searching for text in JSON is difficult to do in nodes like the JSON Path node.

Hi @Willem

Do you have screenshots, recordings, logs, workflows that demonstrate this issue? The devs need to re-produce such issues before they can do anything about it :wink:

You can view two at the same time by pinning the view in the Node Monitor of the first node and use the preview of the second node.

This is indeed annoying when dealing with large files. But it’s more a feature request so I would recommend opening a new topic in Feedback & Ideas with a clear description of what you would like to see improved/added.