select pairs from a list for learner and predictor

Please see attached file. I was looking to create pairs from a list so i can further process with random forest learner and predictor. The idea is to match country to country and then forecast for that country with random forest learner and predictor. Ex: Belgium 2017=100 to Belgium, Spain 2017=100 to Spain etc. I tried double column list loop with a joiner( they used to be in two separate sheets and I thought using column list loop and join would give me the results I wanted) but it didn’t give me the results I needed. Thank you so much
example.xlsx (30.4 KB)

Hi davidlan,

can you provide an example what your output-table with the pairs should look like?

Hi pallehh
Sure, the pair should look like Beligum 2017=100:Belgium, Spain 2017=100:Spain, Germany 2017: Germnay. When I used column list loop it gave me Belgium 2017=100:Belgium, Belgium 2017=100:Spain, Belgium 2017=100:Germany, which is not what I am looking for. Thanks so much.

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