Select path for input files via flow variable

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following situation is at hand:
A developed workflow or a workflow under development is run / tested in different environment.
E.g., workflows run in test environments rather then production.
I’d like to define the input files by concatenating a workflow-wide flow variable (e.g., baseDir = ‘T:/MasterData/InputKnime/’ for test environment and ‘P:/MasterData/InputKnime’) with a filename in a reader node - should look like $baseDir$ & ‘InputMasterData .xlsx’.

How do I reflect this approach within an EXCEL reader / writer node?

PS: I’d like to avoid a separate variable node for every reader / writer node concatenating the file name variables.

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IMHO, a better way is to build-up a workflow, which auto-detects production/test environment and according result, it reads correct input files.
See “Extract System Properties” node and run it in both environment, you might find some row, which differentiates production environment from the test one.
Based on this variable, use node like “Rule Engine Variable” to define switch containing fullpath for Excel Reader/Writer nodes.

Martin K.

Hi @Martin_K,

my current solution is a Java node setting the variables accordingly. I’ll examine the "“Extract System Properties” node and see if a single SWITCH statement can do the trick,

Thanks for your support,


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