Select rows that have the same value for 1 Column but a different value for other column(s)

Can somebody help me please with the problem below? I have tried all kinds of nodes but no result yet.

Below a simplified example of the data in question:

Identifier Characteristic 1 Characteristic 2
a 1 6
a 2 5
b 3 4
b 4 3
c 5 2
c 6 1
  • I want to select those rows that have the same identifier, but have a different value for Characteristic 1
  • I want to select those rows that have the same identifier and where Characteristic 1 of one row is the same as Characteristic 2 for another row.

Thank you so much in advance!

It’s unclear to me what exactly you mean by, “I want to select those rows […]”.

Using your simplified data example, can you demonstrate what your desired output looks like?


hi @KimVDB,

I think, I got it.
First you have to combine your input with something like a cross join. then each combination has to be unique. That filter needs some more nodes (any help/other approach welcome :slight_smile: ). Then you will get two parts of your flow for both filters you need for your desired outputs. Please have a look at the following workflow.
Z_016_cross-col.knwf (29.0 KB)

Hope, this helps, Tommy