Select Scope for If-Nodes gone missing?


Maybe I recall that wrong but wasn’t it possible to “Select Scope” for If / End-If nodes before? If I however recall that correctly, it seems that option, which is essential to verify the loop is correctly wired, has gone missing.

Select Scope for Loops

Select Scope for If / End If Nodes missing?


Adding to this, albeit being part of the “if-loop” the “loose end” is causing an Error. Without the presumably missing Select Scope (again, I might be on the wrong path with my memory), finding these loose ends in complex workflows could be rather challenging.

ERROR Variable Condition Loop End 4:848:0:996 Active Scope End node in inactive branch not allowed.

But the error you are posting does not fit to the screenshot. There is no variable condition loop end.
I guess the cache node which is inactive, forwards this to the outside of the component and is making the loop end node inactive. And this is not possible.

The screenshot I posted is a cut out of the initial one to highlight the error about Active Scope End node in inactive branch not allowed.

Okay, than I guessed right. The Loop End node is inactive because of the inactive output port of the Adjust… component. This is not possible. As the Loop Start in this way cannot find a loop end.


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