Select specific Worksheet xlsm

I have a XLSM excel , it has several worksheets let’s say from 1 to 10, I need to work only on sheet # 2 , I tried to use Excel reader node but the data got unreadable that’s why I couldn’t use the flow variable and select the sheet name. Could you please recommend any other option for this problem?


@Angrosh06 Welcome to the Forum.
I’m confused. What do you mean by the data being unreadable? That should have nothing to do with feeding the Excel Reader a flow variable to select the desired sheet. From your screenshot you don’t appear to have a flow variable set.


Thanks for your quick response and I am sorry for the confusion.

The answer was right there, I really appreciate your support it made find what seems to be obvious but my lack of experience in KNIME didn’t see it :wink: