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Good evening,

I'm a begginer in KNIME, and i have a little problem. I have a csv file which contains about 7000 rows, with one column date/time (hh:mm:ss format), my work consists in spot wind gusts. But, wind gusts take about 60 secondes.

So, i would like to know how i can do, to identified wind gusts thanks to date/time column knowing that, to held wind gusts we have to date/time for 60 seconds.  For example :

Date/ time                                      Wind_Gusts

14:00:00                                           no

14:00:03                                           no

14:01:00                     yes

14:01:01                     no

 .....                             .. no ..

14:01:59                     no

14:02:00                                            no

14:02:01                                            no

14:02:10                                            no

the underlined rows are the successive flow of the time for 60 seconds, thus 14:01:00 we can considered that we have a wind gust. Then, I would like to know how i can do to complete the column Wind_Gusts, what node i have to use? 

please help me,

i add a screenshot of one part of my data. I hope i was clear with my explanations.

Thank you in advance



I made you a tiny example workflow.

The trick is to first generate a end of wind (with the date/time) shift node. Than filter only the wind rows and use those as a dictionary for binning. In the end you might want to replace the missing values after the binner with no wind.

I hope this helps you get started.

Best, Iris