Selected Keras Backend not Available Anymore

Hello I am new to Knime and was trying to get the use the Generationg Mountain Names example. I went through the whole setup for python integration but keep getting “Selected Keras Backend not Available Anymore” error. Anyonw know how to fix this. Thanks!

Hi MAQ0423,

which version of KNIME are you using?

Regardless of that you can try to run KNIME in “clean mode”:

  1. Navigate to your KNIME installation directory using a file browser (Windows Explorer etc.)
  2. Locate and open the file knime.ini using a text editor. The file should be located at the root of the installation directory.
  3. Add command -clean (on a new line) at the bottom of the file. (Note the leading dash.)
  4. Start KNIME, see whether the problem persists.
  5. Remove the -clean command from knime.ini again.



Wow thanks alot I think it worked. Just taking some time now for the Keras Network Learner!


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