Selected root available as a variable in the next nodes

Hi all,

When using nodes like “Excel Reader” or “List Files/Folders” we have to input the folder from which we want to import the files/data. Sometimes it will be useful if this (input folder) will be available as a variable in the next nodes as root folder.

Thank you

Hi @andrejz

This feature is available at the moment. Taking the Excel reader as example, navigate to the flow variables section and find the path variable. In the free text box on the right, fill in the desired flow variable name.

Upon execution, you’ll find that the root folder I selected in the main config is now available as variable.

PS: I took the liberty to move your question to the AP section accordingly.

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I did not know that :sweat_smile: … Thanks


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No problem! That’s where the forum comes in handy :slight_smile:

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