Selecting/Displaying a no. of rows based on the value of one of the cells.

Hey guys,
I need to select the 10 neighbour cells of a single cell,i.e. five cells above and below a certain cell. Anyway i can do so??
Thanks in advance

I’ve created a small example workflow that should help you concerning your problem.
At first I create Data and use the Rule Engine to define my cells of interest, which occur at Row138 and Row1441 and simply output their row indexes. Then I use the Math Formula Node to compute the upper bound and lower bound of my range i.e. 133-143 and 1436-1446. After that I use the row filter to only obtain these two rows with my upper and lower bound. The Chunk Loop Start is used to iterate these rows and the String Manipulation is used to create a rule that states that all rows with index between my defined upper and lower bound are included. The rules are collected at the Loop End and then used by the Rule-based Row Filter (Dictionary). As an table input I simply use the original table with an additional column called “row_index” (which is referenced by my rules) which simply contain the row indexes of each row.
Hope that helps.
Neighbors.knwf (23.1 KB)

Hi moritz,
Thanks a lot for the reply…it worked perfectly.