Selecting Excel sheet based on if data exists in cell

Hi all, I’m stuck on this one… I’d like to read either sheet 1 or sheet 2 based on if data exists in a cell in either sheet. (Only 1 sheet has the data, but not sure how to get excel reader to select that sheet based on the criteria)…

Hi there,

would it work to have option to read first sheet with data chosen?



The problem is there is Form data in each sheet (they’re not completely blank), so I need to be able to choose the sheet with the form “filled in”… any thoughts?

Can you import both sheets and then decide which to use? Could you provide an example if this is not working?

Hi @KunalB86,

then I don’t see a way other then reading both sheets and then determining which one to use…

Unless @mlauber71 has some solution using Python :slight_smile:


Hi @mlauber71 and @ipazin, the issue is that it’s a part of a looped workflow so if I read the sheets first I’ll need to feed the sheet name information back to the loop (loop within a loop situation). I wanted to avoid this issue by predetermining the sheet name to use.

Hi there @KunalB86,

I understand. But I’m not sure there is a way to know the content of a sheet if you don’t read it.


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