Selecting the missing value identifier

Hello, I have a large dataset that uses '-1' to denote missing values.  Knime assumes a '?' as the missing value identifier.  How can I override that to be '-1' instead?

Thanks!  :-)

Hi Christina,

if you are using the File Reader, there is an advanced button on which you can configure the string for the missing value pattern.

Alternatively you can replace the -1 value with missings using the rule engine node.

Cheers, Iris 

Hi Iris,

Thanks so much -- the File Reader definitely *seems* to work (as opposed to the CSV Reader I was previously using), but I do get warning messages when I run the Missing Value node immediately afterwords - "Column "xyz" still contains missing values."

When I view the data it appears to have cleaned up all the missing values, so I am at a loss.  But at least I can specify what the missing values are.