Selection widget would show up in the component before the whole component executed.

I have this workflow here which I want the users to have some selection options in the columns and single selection widgets before executing on the rest of the workflow. However, with this setup, when the user click on the view (magnifying glass) icon on the component, it is executing through the whole component with the default values before the setting would show up (or not show up because the default setting is incompatible with the data input). How should I do this such that they can pick the selections BEFORE the rest of the workflow is executed?

Hello @likhangy ,

The Single selection widget runs downstream based on the default value selected in the widget. A workaround to stop running the downstream before the user selects the value is by setting a default dummy value, then adding a rule engine node and a case switch node not to run the downstream when this default value is selected.

It can be implemented as below :

I have also attached the workflow, you can find an example of Sequential Logic here. Let me know if this does not resolve it.

Single_Selection_Widget.knwf (713.0 KB)



Thank you so much. That answers my question. Sometimes the downstream takes a bit longer so I don’t want the users to wait until making the choices and then have to rerun, so your solution is very helpful! Thanks again.


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