[Selenium] Scroll Node

Hi @qqilihq,

sometimes, when scraping websites, content is only loaded when scrolling down (lazy loading via JS or natively). I have created a JavaScript which emulates a rather human like scroll behavior via:

  • Incremental scroll steps
    -Jitter and Spread per step
  • Option to chose between absolute and relative scroll down
  • timeout in case of a UI issue
  • Return value with some details for debugging

Though, it is far from working perfectly as in some occasions strange website implementations of sticky menus (my assumption) trigger a few scroll iterations and then cause the script to run for eternity.

Therefore, I’d like to propose to create a scroll node with the aforementioned or some of it’s features. It might also become quite useful when combined with the find element node to scroll horizontally through a slideshow.

As follows my script. Maybe anyone else, since I am not a full time JS-Developer, has some ideas for improvement or spotting apparent mistakes I missed.

function scrollIncrementally(targetScroll, isPercent = false, iteration = 0) {
  const jitterThreshold = 50; // Minimum jitter value
  const spread = 50; // Range for additional jitter
  const timeoutThreshold = 3000; // Adjust the timeout threshold (in milliseconds) as needed
  let lastScrollTime = Date.now();

  // Calculate the target scroll position
  const windowHeight = window.innerHeight;
  const maxScrollPosition = document.body.scrollHeight - windowHeight;
  const targetPosition = isPercent
    ? maxScrollPosition - (maxScrollPosition * targetScroll) / 100
    : maxScrollPosition - targetScroll;

  // Check if we've reached or exceeded the target scroll position
  if (window.scrollY <= targetPosition) {
    const totalIterations = iteration - 1;
    const currentScrollY = window.scrollY;

    const result = `Finished Scrolling||Total Iterations: ${totalIterations}||Current Scroll Position: ${currentScrollY}||Target Scroll Position: ${targetPosition}`;
    return Promise.resolve(result);

  const previousScrollY = window.scrollY;

  // Calculate the jittered scrollStep dynamically
  const baseScrollStep = Math.abs(targetPosition - previousScrollY);
  const jitteredScrollStep = baseScrollStep + jitterThreshold + Math.floor(Math.random() * (spread + 1));

  // Ensure we don't overshoot the target
  const scrollStep = jitteredScrollStep < baseScrollStep ? jitteredScrollStep : baseScrollStep;

  // Scroll up by the calculated scrollStep
    top: previousScrollY - scrollStep,
    behavior: 'smooth'

  return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    setTimeout(function () {
      const currentScrollY = window.scrollY;

      // Check if new content was loaded and scroll again
      if (currentScrollY < previousScrollY) {
        // New content loaded, update the last scroll time and continue scrolling
        lastScrollTime = Date.now();
        scrollIncrementally(targetScroll, isPercent, iteration + 1).then(resolve).catch(reject);
      } else {
        // No new content loaded, check the timeout threshold
        const currentTime = Date.now();
        const timeSinceLastScroll = currentTime - lastScrollTime;

        if (timeSinceLastScroll >= timeoutThreshold) {
          // Timeout threshold reached, finish scrolling
          const totalIterations = iteration;

          const result = `Finished Scrolling||Total Iterations: ${totalIterations}||Current Scroll Position: ${currentScrollY}||Target Scroll Position: ${targetPosition}`;
        } else {
          // Wait for the next scroll event
          scrollIncrementally(targetScroll, isPercent, iteration).then(resolve).catch(reject);
    }, 500); // Adjust the delay time (in milliseconds) as needed for your page

// Use async/await to handle the promise
async function runScrolling() {
  try {
    // Example: Scroll up by 500 pixels from the bottom (absolute)
    // To scroll by a percentage, use scrollIncrementally(20, true) for 20% from the bottom
    const result = await scrollIncrementally(500, false);
  } catch (error) {

// Start scrolling



Hi Mike,

thank you, this makes sense, and I have in fact an open todo, some ideas, and I guess even a dirty prototype I started a while ago - ideal starting point to get something done for the next update :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted here.


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