Selenium wait node triggers License has expired message when run on KNIME Server


I'm not sure if this is a bug with the Selenium wait node. The attached workflow calls it with a simple table input. 

The workflow runs without problem on a desktop KNIME Analytic Platform. When it is put on a KNIME Server, and executed as a job on the server, it fails with the the following message:

ERROR Wait 13:434: Execute failed: License has expired.

This was confusing as we misunderstood it to be our KNIME Server license which had expired. Thanks to the guys at KNIME we have since found out this is not the case. 

Is it possible what may be behind the error?




Hi David,

have you tried updating the nodes to the most recent release? (the beta versions of the Selenium Nodes are free and thus do not require a license. However, there is a check which is intended to keep people updating to the latest release).

If updating does not help, please verify that the machine's date+time is set correctly.

Let me know if that helps,

thanks, will try and let you know. 



Are selenium nodes always be free?


Thank you

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