"Self-Paces Courses" repository not displayed in the Spaces on the KNIME Hub

Hello! I have started learning to use KNIME. I am studying the very first self-paced course " L1 DS KNIME Analytics Platform for Data Scientists: Basics" . I am at the 5th module currently. I need to import a workflow group called “L1 DS KNIME Analytics Platform for Data Scientists - Basics” from the “Self-Paces Courses” repository on the KNIME Hub. I am logging in the KNIME Hub and accessing the Spaces, but do not have “Self-Paces Courses” repository displayed there as it is displayed in the instructions screenshot. I am confused what to do. Kindly ask for help! Thank you!

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Hi Salkyna,

the module should contain a link to https://hub.knime.com/knime/spaces/Education/latest/Self-Paced%20Courses/ . Does this work for you? (To drag&drop the folder, you probably have to be logged in).

All the best, and have fun zapping through the videos :slight_smile:


Excellent Marvin, thank you.!


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