Send data to nodes based on content

I’m trying to determine how best to route data to specific nodes based on the content. I keep hitting roadblocks with the if and case options and how to get them to change based on the content of the data.

So, for example, in a table, if the data in Column A contains the character “-” send to this set of nodes, if not send to this other set of nodes.

I’m not sure if a loop is more appropriate here since the data will only be one or the other. So, the table above, every record in column A will either have a “-” or it won’t.

Another example is that I will need to move data based on whether it is a string or an integer.

The If/Case options seem dependant on variables, so is the expectation that I use flow variables to inspect the data for the criteria and send that variable to the if/case options?

Sounds like a job for the Rule-based Row Splitter. Maybe try some syntax like

$ColumnA$ LIKE "*-*" => TRUE


Oh that’s great! I skipped right over that node. Thanks for the assist, this looks like something I can work with now!


Hi @serendipitytech,

For this one you can use Column Splitter with Type Selection option.


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