send email bug

Hi everybody,

I am faced with an odd bug from send email node!!!

I was working with it and everything looked okay but after resetting the node it is getting this error!
then I restarted the knime and re-ran the workflow in the new situation the node before execution gets this error:

ERROR Send Email 3:211:1264 Attempt to overwrite the password with config key ‘smtpPasswordWeaklyEncrypted’ failed. It’s not possible to overwrite passwords with flow variables.

Any suggestions would be constructive.


And now this error has again been added:

ERROR Send Email 3:211:1264 Execute failed: javax.mail.Provider: com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPProvider not a subtype

Hi @Sajjadmosaheb -

It’s hard to work troubleshoot with only screenshots, but we can try. What does the configuration of your Send Email node look like? Is it possible you need to pass in your username and password as credentials instead?

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Hi @ScottF -

Thanks for your suggestion, I will try it and get back to you, but I suppose it’s a bug that one time with the same config and method is working and another time don’t.

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