Send Email Node Bug

This node loses it’s flow variable settings under certain (for me still unknown) conditions.
The fact is, I have this node at three places in my workflow and sometimes it happenes that all three forget their flow variable setting for recipient, subject, attachment etc…

As my workflow consists of several nested loops, parallel computation and DB-operations, it’s every time a lot of fun to run it manually (modify the queries, so that it runs) just to reach all three “Send-Mail” nodes and set the flow-variables again.

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Hi @afx and welcome to the KNIME forum,

Not sure if this is what happens here but be aware that saving node’s configuration when the previously set variable is not available resets the flow variable settings.



Hi @armingrudd ,

thanks for re-wecloming me. Actually I just forgot my old password and email… and name so I had to re-register.

And thanks for your advice. I will have an eye on it and report if I find out more.
The strange thing is, that only the “Send-Email” nodes forget their settings. All the other nodes work fine.



Hi @afx,

we also have this problem quite often but as @armingrudd said i think it happens when you change the node without all variables availible… which is not the greatest behaviour :frowning:

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so what I did lately was to copy the Send Email node from one Workflow and paste it to another.
I’m not quite sure, if I opened it while the flow variables were not availible. Maybe I did.

Anyway, the strange thing is that all three Send-Mail nodes in that workflow forgot their settings.
Also, I never had such problems with other nodes (there are more than 100 in that workflow) but I remember me setting up the Send Mail nodes again and again. My feeling is that there is something wrong with the Send Mail node.

As I said, if I find out more, I’ll let you know here.

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Really? Have never experienced this behavior as long as I remember :confused: Can you share example?


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