Send Email node doesn't recognize Number (LONG) Variable

It appears as though the Send Email node doesn’t recognize Long data type variables. See attached workflow for example.

variable_email.knwf (22.6 KB)

Hi @Snowy,

Thanks for reporting this issue. The new flow variable types (long, boolean, array) are currently only supported by a select number of nodes. With there being more than 3,000 different nodes in existence, identifying which of those nodes should make use of the new flow variable types and retrofitting them accordingly (while upholding backwards compatibility) will take a little time.

Having said that, your feedback definitely helps - if you are aware of any node(s) which should support the new flow variable types but currently don’t, do let us know. I’ve created a ticket to update the Send Email node and will let you know when you can expect the fix to be available.

In the meantime, the (admittedly somewhat inconvenient) workaround to make use of a flow variable that is not yet supported by some node is to

  1. convert the flow variable to a cell using, for instance, the Variable to Table Row node,
  2. converting the cell to some other cell of a supported type by using, for instance, the Number to String node and
  3. converting that cell back to a flow variable using, for instance, the Table Row to Variable node.




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