Send email to each supplier according to file name


I am very new for KNIME. Please help!! :sneezing_face:

I have 5 excel files that need to send out to 5 suppliers via MS Outlook separately.

The 5 excels need to be sent out are named as

I have another excel containing suppliers’ names and email addresses. For example

Screenshot 2023-06-07 163630

How can I match the vendors’ name with the excel file, and send it out automatically in KNIME?

I have explored Row Filter to match the names but seems like it doesn’t work…

Thank you so much for the help!

I would first read the list of vendors with an Excel Reader. Then you can use a Table Row To Variable Loop Start to start iterating over the table, one row at a time, turning the vendor name and email into flow variables that you can use for configuring nodes. Using the email flow variable you can control a Send Email node’s recipient field to send out a file. How to send a file via email is demonstrated in this workflow. In the end, you need to close the loop with a Variable Loop End.
Let me know how it goes and if you have more questions!
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Many ways may lead to Rome,
With list files and folders you can get the full path and then extract the Name of the Excel File
You can read the vendor/email list with excel reader. Then you join both files based on the extracted Name and the Vendor Name to “map” the email.


Thanks very much everyone!

I was just notified that sending email via KNIME is not authorized in my company.

I would try other ways to fulfill this function.

Thank you so much for the help again!

Thanks very much Alexander!

This workflow helps a lot!

But I was notified that sending email via KNIME is not authorized in my company. I might need to explore other tools.

Thanks so much again!

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