Send Email when file is createdd

Hello, unfortunately I can't find any information how I can trigger the SEND EMAIL NODE after saving successful a file to send out this file. Who can give me an advise?


There are a few steps to get this to work. First you write a file to a temporary location, then you attache it to an email using the attachements tab and Flow Variables to control the file paths.  The cleanest/easisiet way for most people to do this is with the crete temp dir node since this will automatically clean up your temp files.

The process looks like:

Create temp Dir

(create the file name)


Write the file

(using the file name from CtD node)


Attach the file to the email message in the send mail node

(Choose a protype attachement, then overwrite the last field in the flow variables tab of the send mail node using the file name from the CtD node)