Send Email with attachment that gets generated in a previous step

I am new to knime.
I am trying to send a email attachment that gets generated in the previous step and send it to a user.
After the excel writer, i am creating a flow variable in the excel writer. From there i am trying to extract that variable using extract variables (Data) and then finally proceeding to send email where in flow variables i am placing that variable name in the attachments url. However, it doesn’t seem to work.

Anyone who can guide me to a better solution? Thanks in advance

Hello @r_jain,

I guess I had a similar problem to solve as you.
In my case, I used to develop an analysis in which I had to consider the type of commodity for a list of customers. If it was not available and the list was longer than a certain threshold, my workflow sent an automatic email with an attached Excel file containing those customers to a colleague of mine.

My worflow looks like this:

In the Send Email node, my settings were like this:

In this way it should work. Tell me if you get stuck somewhere, we’ll manage to find the solution.


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