Send Keys using data from Excel

Hi Guys!

Thank you in advance for taking time in answering my Question.

It’s my first time to use Selenium Nodes and I am trying to do a web scraping. My Question is how can I connect an excel file with Send Keys node? My data are in excel I want the workflow to search it in a website and extract some information that I need. (Images, Price, Name, etc.)

Price Scraping.knwf (32.3 KB)

I uploaded the workflow that I started but I am having error on Send Keys node. Don’t know how I can finish the workflow with the output of the desired data that I want to scrape. I planned to scrape the name, image and price.

Hi nicololamigo,

can you please share more details? The executed workflow (do not exclude the data when exporting) and the Excel file will help. (alternatively, upload a WF which works without the Excel Reader).


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