Send Multiple files in Rest service


I am calling a rest service but I can not figure out how I can send multiple files in a single call. Its working for a single file but not for multiple files.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m afraid this is not possible with the currently implemented REST nodes. It’s a good feature request, though. I’ll keep you posted as soon as there is something available.

Just to follow up here. It is possible but both the solutions are a little clumsy. One option is to use Python/R/Java snippet nodes to do the requests. A second option is to manually construct the multi-part request and then use the POST Request node to send the request.

In case your REST API accepts multipart (which is probably the most common way to send multiple files, innit?), you could use this node from the Palladian plugin. Documentation is currently not too good (apologies), but I wrote some explanation in this thread within the Palladian sub forum a while ago.


Hi @qqilihq,

I tried the way you mentioned in the document also I the workflow you have mentioned in the thread but still I am stuck with the same problem as for every file a new request is being made, please let me know if I am missing anything.MultipleFilesSample.knwf (21.2 KB)

Cannot execute the WF due to missing file. But, as far as I understood from your structure:

You’ll need to supply the files to send within one request within one single row, else wise it will be multiple requests for each row.

– Philipp

Hi @qqilihq,

Thanks for your response, but still I can’t figure out how can I consolidate all the files in a single row. It would be great help if you can provide me a detail solution or a sample workflow.

Basically you’ll need to transform the rows into columns, so the pivoting node should help: