Send to Power BI (refresh dataset?)


So, regarding the new Send to Power BI node, I wonder if is there some way to refresh or “update” the dataset. Once you run the node for the first time, it creates the dataset, but if any change is made into the flow before the Send To Power BI node, it’ll show this on the console

“ERROR Send to Power BI 0:17 Execute failed: The dataset with the name “Teste Knime Dataset” already exists.”

Alternitevely, one can flag the “Delete and create new if Dataset Exists”, but that will break any reports/dashboards linked to that dataset.

What I’m looking for is a way to make changes to the Data in knime and updating the dataset accordingly.

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Hi @lblanc,

Glad that you are using the new Send to Power BI node. The node does not support updating a dataset yet.

However, I just looked at the Power BI REST API and found that we can use the “DeleteRows” request to implement this behavior. I will open a ticket, and we will implement the feature as soon as possible.



Hi @lblanc,

We implemented the update functionality and it’s available if you update your KNIME 4.1.0 installation. You can now select a dataset and table and choose to overwrite the rows.



Hi @bwilhelm,

That’s great news. I can’t wait to try it out and provide some feedback.

Thank you,


Hi, the new functionality is also working if you add a new node to the workflow?

Because I added a new flow and my dataset never got refreshed, I had to create a new one sadly.


Hi @ClarkDuque,

Yes, you should also be able to refresh an existing dataset with a newly created node. Did you get any errors from the node?


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