Send to Tableau Server (Hyper) Error


I´m trying to publish a datasource via the Send to Tableau Server (Hyper) node. The error that comes looks like this.

org.knime.ext.tableau.hyper.sedntable.api.RestAPiConnection$TsResponseException: (Sign-in) Error Code 401001: Signin Error - Error signing in to Tableau Server

Can somebody help me how to fix that problem?

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Hi @Christopher_Lozano,
do you get this error when configuring the Send to Server (Hyper) node or when executing?
Also, can you tell us the version of your Tableau Server?

Hi @gab1one,

the error comes when i am configuring the node.
Actually we ar using the version 2018.3.2 (20183.18.1214.0808)


HI Christopher,
were you able to fix the issue? i’m facing the same issue,


Do you also get the error code 401001? This error happens if
(Tableau REST API Reference):

The credentials (name or password, or personal access token name or secret) are invalid for the specified site, or the site content URL is invalid.

Did you check that your username, password and site id are correct?


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I am having the same issue when trying to publish to Tableau Online for a client. I am able to successfully publish to Tableau server for a different client so I’m wondering if there is some additional configuration needed for Tableau Online to work.

KNIME version 4.3.2 with Tableau Online
I have tried both the Username & Password method and the Access Token method, both resturn a 401001 error during configuration after trying to browse the projects. I have checked that the user name and password are correct. I am using the highlighted red portion as the Host URL and I used the purple highlighted portion as the Site ID when testing the token method. I am leaving “Site Content URL” blank, though have tried some different project locations here and that did not solve the issue. I get the error after clicking on “Browse” to select the project: "org.knime.ext.tableau.hyyperapi.sendtablea.api.RestApiConnection$TsResponseException: Signin Error: Error signing in to Tableau Server (Error code: 401001).

Hi @San_Diego_Web_Analyst,

For the option with username and password you need the purple highlighted portion as the “Site Content URL”.

The “Access Token” option is probably not the option you want. It is not the same as the “Personal Access Token”. Using a “Personal Access Token” is not yet supported with the released version of the node. However, it is already implemented and will be released with the next version of KNIME (Including a better description of all the sign-in options).

PS: The node seems to be broken in the current nightly. I will notify you when it is fixed and it would be awesome if you could try it then and provide feedback.


Thank you @bwilhelm - that solved my issue

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