Send to Tableau server : "It's not possible to overwrite passwords with flow variables."


just trying to setup a component with “Send to Tableau Server” node embedded.

When I map flow variables to “personnalTokenSecret”, i get the following error message when executing : “Attempt to overwrite the password with config key ‘personalTokenSecret’ failed. It’s not possible to overwrite passwords with flow variables.”

(but “Send to Tableau Server” node runs with original token set… weird)

I try to change the “String Configuration” node by “String Widget” node : same issue

I tried with “Credential Widget”, “Credential Configuration”, “variable to credentials” nodes : did’nt work (“send to Tableau Server” didn’t accept credentials for Peronnal Access Token)

This issue occurs both on Knime AP 4.7.x and Knime AP 5.1 (I didn’t try previous versions)

Any workaround ? Is it a bug ?

Thanks !

Hi @LPL and welcome to the forum -

I just tried to reproduce this, and ran into a problem - but not exactly the same problem you had. In my case, the Send to Tableau Server node seems to be ignoring the flow variable I send it altogether. I’m not sure if the two issues are related.

Could you upload your workload above, or at least a dummy version with just the configuration and Tableau node, so I can try to reproduce based on that? Then I’ll send on what I’ve collected to the dev team for further investigation.

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