Sending and receiving a table using JSON and Call Local Workflow

I have two workflows which I need to interconnect via JSON.

The first one (JSON_send_table) creates a table from /tmp/table_file.csv, and then it calls the second one (JSON_receive_file).

The latter writes a file (/tmp/received_table.csv) in order to check that the table was received and parsed correctly.

I was not able to accomplish this. I’ve tried several settings combinations, but the resulting received table is malformed.

What am I missing?

Thanks! (26.2 KB)

Hi peleitor,

Some changes you need to make:

  1. JSON_send_table:
  • in the Call Local Workflow change json-input parameter to From column.
  1. JSON_receive_table:
  • use JSON Path -> Ungroup -> Json to Table nodes to convert the received JSON object (actually an array of JSON objects) back to the table form.
  • make sure that the workflow is reset, saved and closed before it’s called.

Please find attached the workflows (the JSON_send_table is not reset so you can check the results).

AnnaJSON_receive_table.knwf (13.7 KB)
JSON_send_table.knwf (23.0 KB)

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