Sentiment analysis Azure and KNIME

Hello, i would like to ask currently im doing sentiment analysis so i decided to use Twitter and Azure. Sentiment Analysis via API. but I dont get the score on final results. I have followed all the step that required to deploy sentiment analysis by using azure and knime]]

Please take a look :slight_smile:

Hi there @alizasnow,

I guess you are showing output from Table View node and missing value under scores column is troubling you? Well where did missing value first appeared? That is the node you should check…


Hello, As figure shown above its JSON format for sentiment analysis by using knime and azure…Im not really good in coding, can someone show me an example of sentiment analysis in JSON format? i get the code at knime and azure website which is they give us Azure expects the following JSON format. but when i want to execute the score cannot be display and identify if it is positive or negative…

Can someone help me

Hi @alizasnow -

So I gather this is the workflow referenced in the blog post by @craigcullum (

As @ipazin said, can you look carefully at the outputs of each node and see where the score is being returned missing? If it’s null coming out of the POST Request node, it’s possible something has changed on the Azure side since this blog post was written.

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