Sentiment Analysis - Color Coding

I was hoping someone would be able to help me out.  I am looking at some product reviews and want to do a sentiment analysis on whether they liked or disliked  the product.  I have the dictionary tagger set up to tag positive (PERSON tag) and negative words ((MONEY tag), however I am not sure how to get the tag cloud to show it that way.  I have a color manager node but it didn't look like it gave me the option to select the PERSON or MONEY tag.

Am I missing something?


you need to extract the tag value (person or money) with the Tags to String node. Now you have a column containing the tag values as strings. Based on these values you can apply the Color Manager to assign colors to the rows. In the Color Manager select the new column and choose the color for person and money values.

Then apply the Tag Cloud. The Tag Cloud node will make use of the colors which have been assigned before hand by the Color Manager.

Cheers, Kilian

Thanks thats a big help.

Had another quick question.  I read through the article on using MDS to create distance aware tag clouds.  I was curious what workflow was used.

The node showing the distance aware tag cloud is not released officially. Basically the idea was to compute distances between terms and position the terms in a tag cloud based on these distances. The distances can be computed, by creating term vectors and some distance measure on these vectors, using e.g. distance matrix nodes. The tag cloud taking into account the distances is not released as node.

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