Serializable RowKey, HiLiteHandler


I have see no reasons not being Serializable the RowKey and the HiLiteHandler classes. Is there any particular reason for this? Thanks, gabor

Hi gabor,
We don’t like to use the Java serialization for performance reasons, that’s why we have implemented our own serialization for most of our core classes, e.g. DataCell objects. In case of the RowKey class, I would suggest to use the NodeSettings#addRowKey(key, value) method and then write this object into XML formatted file. The HiLiteHandler is something we also don’t want to make serializable, because the hiliting is something that has been temporarily created for a workflows and will not be available when the workflow is reloaded (in contrast, the hilite mapping - see HiLiteMapper - can be saved also nicely into the NodeSettings object). Cheers, Thomas