Server 4.0 charts view


Is there a way to view charts (from nodes in the workflow) in the webportal without having them into a report?

What I want, is to avoid to build a report, just to execute a workflow and display the chart.

Iis this posible and how?

Thanks in advance.



Yes, you can use the Image Output QuickForm node which has an image in-port allowing to visualize the image in the web portal.

Excelent, thank you!

Lets say I want to update the chart in the webportal each time a new input is received.

The idea is to create a process to get the input from the Twitter Streaming API, then process that and plot the analisis in real time. So if any one is viewing the chart in the webportal, it should be updated automatically a new tweet is received.

is this possible?

If this is not possible in the webportal, is there any other alternative?

I want to avoid to use an external visualization tool.


It is possible to show charts in the WebPortal with the new JavaScript enabled nodes in conjunction with Subnodes.

To use them make sure you have the right plugin installed (if you are using the full product it automatically is), otherwise go to Help- >Install New Software and select the KNIME 2.11 update site. Under KNIME Labs Extensions you find the KNIME JavaScript based nodes.

Once you have those installed, you can right click any set of nodes and select Collapse into Sub Node. Each Subnode acts as a page in the WebPortal, as long as there is at least one node to view in there.

In KNIME 2.11 you have 4 basic JavaScript nodes included. A table view to display any KNIME table as an HTML table, a scatter plot, a line chart and the Generic JavaScript view. You can use the latter node to easily code your own view. All these nodes have views, which work both in the Analytics Platform, as well as on the WebPortal.

There is also the option to create your own JavaScript enabled nodes. Additionally with KNIME 2.12 we are going to release a framework, which will make this process really easy and quick.

If you want to update the chart, based on certain events, at the moment you have only the option to use a JavaScript based mechanism, so that fetching the events is proably going to be part of your view. I haven't done anything with Twitter based on JavaScript, but maybe check Twitter's API to see if that would work for your use case.

Let me know if you need any more help on this subject.


Thanks Albrecht for the explanation. I will try those js charts and see if I can get them to update automatically with each new input data.