Server 4.9 - New 4.0 Nodes not available

Hi - My DBA has upgraded to the latest server (4.9.0). He has supposedly also updated the Executor. But when I deploy my updated workflows with the new DB nodes, It says they can’t be found. Any ideas?

Hi @sshiell,

This sure looks like the DB extension is missing. Where does this message pop up? Is it shown when you try to execute a workflow on KNIME Server?

If so, please check again with your admin if they updated the executor. If they did, I suggest a restart of KNIME Server, including all executor processes.


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Thanks for your reply. I am following up with my admin. And will update any findings here.

OK. So they did not correctly update the Executor and Knime Platform. We got it to work earlier today but have the same error again after a server restart.

Could it be that there is an outdated version of the executor that stays running between restarts? I’d recommend shutting down the server, and then doing sudo ps aux | grep knime to see if there are any rogue processes left running. Alternatively, physically rebooting the server should have the same affect.



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