Server on Azure VM


I have a Knime server running on an Azure VM. The Knime server is set up for auto-install. However, when I restart the VM upon applying any changes, I have to re-install the Apache service on the VM. Is this usual or do I need to configure somewhere to have the Apache service running even after VM restart?


Hi there,

Assuming that you’re doing the installation on a plain VM from Azure. You will need to follow the steps here:

If you’re using KNIME Server images from the Azure marketplace then the installation and autostart is configured out of the box.



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Hi Jon,
Thank you for the instructions. I have already undertaken them following a previous ticket with you. So the server is running fine except from today when I did a manual reboot of the VM, I had to start the service again manually to have the server on. I do not see anything suspicious in the catalina log as well. Are you able to point me to something? The server is running on Apache Tomcat.

Is that a custom Tomcat, or the TomEE (tomcat) from the installer?

If the systemd service is failing then I’d suggest doing:
systemctl status apache-tomcat
journalctl -u apache-tomee.service