Set number of DialogComponentBoolean in model class

Hello every one,

I am a beginner in knime and I can not manipulate the components in a dialog, in fact I want to insert several checkboxes and the number of these checkboxes is related to the number of columns of the input file. So I thought that the code is done in modelNode but I did not know how to do it.
Someone can help me !!!
Thank you

Sounds like you want to select columns in your dialog which should be processed by your node? In that case, I would suggest to have a look at KNIME's standard components which provide a ready to use column filter instead of building your own: 


-- Philipp

thank you for your reply, but that's not my problem. I want to insert several checkboxes so that the number of checkboxes is equal to the number of columns of the input file of my node that I retrieve it in the execute method

Ok; in that case you'll obviously need to check the input table’s specs. You can do that in your NodeDialogPane subclass by overriding the loadSettingsFrom method; it'll give you your PortObjectSpecs for all input tables. From there you can check the number of columns and build your dialog.

-- Philipp

thanks for your answer,

I tried to work with it but it doesn't work,May be you can give me a piece of code that illustrates how to do it..