Set QuickFormNode visible/unvisible with flow variable


i have a QuickFormNode Boolean Input.
With the output from this node i want to set another QuickFormNode (e.g.Date and Time Input) visible/unvisible.
I tried to use the parameter hideInWizard but the Date and Time Input stays visible.

Is there a possibility to set QuickFormNode visible/unvisible with flow variables?


Hi there!

Yes there is. Here is print screen from Date&Time Input node:


Both hideInWizard and hideInDialog need Boolean value but true or false which actually requires a string type flow variable with value true or false. Boolean input node outputs integer type flow variable with value 0 or 1 so you need String Input node for this. To figure out what is the value of certain configuration (or in other words what value it needs to be changed) from flow variable tab on the right there is blank space where if anything written it will produce a flow variable with that name and with value you want to see.

I have done an example workflow so take a look. If any questions feel free to ask.
2019_05_17_HidingWizards.knwf (22.7 KB)


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Thanks a lot!

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