Set value of a specific cell from other specific cell in a table


 have a table generate dby the node Scorer-The Accuracy value apears only on the third row. I want to copy this value to the first and second row.

For  example output of Scorer is:

Roo ID    TruePositive..........Accuracy    Cohenen

No           1559                         ?                   ?

Yes         1131                         ?                   ?

Overall    ?                             0.941           0.878


I want the value of the third row of Accuracy apears on the first two rows as well.


How i should do that?


You can use the Missing Value node with a "Next Value*" (or almost any other aggregation of the single value) on the Accuracy column.

Is there a reason, why you would like to have this? Maybe we find a better workaround.