Setting an order for KNIME nodes execution



I am working on a workflow in KNIME where the process branches into 6 operations, I would like the operations to be done in a sequence, so when the first branch is done, the second branch would start and so on. Is this possible to do in KNIME 2.8.2?



I would do that with variable ports. Those create dependencies on execution.

I agree with Gabor,

If you are unfamiliar with variable ports, right click on a node and choose "Show Flow Variable Ports". Do this on each of your start and end nodes of each branch.

Go to the end of the branch you want to run first, drag from the right hand "bunny ear" and attach this to the left hand "bunny ear" of the first node in your second branch.

Repeat this process for all your 6 branches.



Thanks for your replies aborg and richards99. It is now working as desired, thanks for the detailed explaination (Yes! I wasn't familiar with vairable ports). Cheers.

Hello. This is very helpful information about the variable port bunny ears. I have one problem though, I am using a table row to variable to set a file path name for all XLS nodes (writer and appenders). If I try to setup the writer pointing at the appender, so they execute in order it removes the table row to variable start so I cant have the path automatically set for all XLS nodes. Any suggestions?

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Shouldn't it be "write once, append many"? It's been a while since I used the appender node, it might also not be necessaryto have an initial writer node at all.