Setting fixed axis ranges in jfreechart nodes (Line chart)

Dear users,

is there a possiblity to specify the axis range in jFreeCharts (particularly Line charts) to have a fixed value for the maximum Y  value to be displayed? Could this be controled by a flow variable? I could not find any option or variable field to do this. It works easily with R view and matplot, but R view nodes need longer computational times and are more difficult to configure for users with no R knowledge.

Thanks in advance for any advise.


Hi Stefan,

no this is unfortunately not possible. 

For manipulating axises you need to use one of the custom views, as R View or the General Java Script View.

Best regards, Iris

Hi Iris,

this is really a pitty since the R-nodes require quite some computational time. Is there any user guide for doing this with the General Java Script View?

Kind regards