Setting Primary Key SQL Type using Database Writer node

Hi Knime community,
I'm a new user, and I am creating a new SQL Server Database using the Database Writer node.
I really like this node, and it works well creating tables in SQL server, but maybe I'm missing something when it comes to defining a primary key?
What specific notation do I need when creating one of column names as a Primary Key when I enter the SQL types?
I do not want to create and define a table in SQL Server admin first, and then write my data to the table. I just want to be able to create the new table (with Primary key assigned) using the Database Writer node. (I want the PK to be an integer also).
I'm very much hopeful one of you smart users out there in the community can help me with this because I cannot work out the correct notation after many attempts.
Vielen Dank.

Hi Ivor,

You can do all of that in the Database Table Creator node. Primary keys can be added in the "Keys" tab.