Setting RowFilter parameters from the command line

Hi I have a script that executes a workflow. I can change parameters by somthing like this:


Unfortunately this concept doesn't work for the RowFilter node... (Could you please help me out???)


A given RowFilter node.xml looks like this:

<config xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="
2008/09/XMLConfig" key="settings.xml">
<entry key="name" type="xstring" value="Row Filter"/>
<config key="model">
<config key="rowFilter">
<entry key="RowFilter_TypeID" type="xstring" value="StringComp_RowFilter"/>
<entry key="ColumnName" type="xstring" value="match VTYPE"/>
<entry key="include" type="xboolean" value="true"/>
<entry key="CaseSensitive" type="xboolean" value="true"/>
<entry key="Pattern" type="xstring" value="NM:i:0"/>
<entry key="hasWildCards" type="xboolean" value="false"/>
<entry key="isRegExpr" type="xboolean" value="true"/>
<entry key="hasContent" type="xboolean" value="true"/>
<config key="ports">
<config key="port_1">
<entry key="index" type="xint" value="1"/>
<entry key="port_spec_class" type="xstring" value=""/>
<entry key="port_object_class" type="xstring" value="org.knime.core.node.BufferedDataTable"/>
<entry key="port_object_summary" type="xstring" value="Rows: 355, Cols: 14"/>
<entry key="port_dir_location" type="xstring" value="port_1"/>

and I want to change the Pattern:




What am I doing wrong?


I tried with and without quotes, as variable and as string but the Pattern is never used...





Try -option=187,rowFilter/Pattern,"NM:i:0",String (it's encapsulated in another xml element "rowFilter").

Note that you can also use workflow variables to customize and run your workflow. There easier to pass to the batch executor.