Setting up JDBC / ODBC on Server

Hello Knime Forum,
I have a rather simple question, we use our local jdbc for running workflow on local machine. The workflow failed when ran on server.
Question : Do we need to set up JDBC on server ( I would think so )
if yes, how do we know details of the database connections on server.


Hi @gbprakash -

I saw your other post in the main AP forum, but thought it would be better to continue the discussion here.

Please take a look at this video:

If you continue to have trouble, you can also reach out to our support team directly via email for further assistance.


That works thanks Scott.
So as long as the Name and ID matches between the local workflow and that is deployed on the server we are good ? What if the ID and Name are same but driver version is different ?

Aha, got it, the .epf file is the one that takes care :+1:t4:
Thank you Scott.


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