Setting up workflow with GroupBy


I am working on a course project where I have to set up a workflow with GroupBy.
The task is the following:

But my data basis has no total number of orders. I just have an amount of 10.000 records.
How can I determine the number of orders to set up a calculation with average profit and campaign type.

The current workflow is the following:

Thank you for any suggestions.

Hi @Steph and welcome to the KNIME community forum,

Since it is your course project, I provide you with some hints so that you can complete the project on your own:

To find number of orders per X (the grouping column(s)), you need to “Count” the orders in each group.

To find the average of profit and activation per X (the grouping column(s)), you need the “Mean” of the profit and activation in each group.

You need one GroupBy node for each task.

I hope this would be helpful to you.



Hi @Steph -

Welcome to the forum! What course is this for, if you don’t mind my asking?

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Hello @armingrudd
Thank you for your adviese. That helps me to understand better how to process with the task. I’m gonna try it with several individual GroupBy Nodes.


It’s a data analysis course using the knime software.

Steph I am doing the same assignment and can you help me in it. ?

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